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London gold medal

I used to think of life as one long road to be lived from one end to another. But now I see it as a book, with a beginning and an end and a series of chapters unfolding throughout. It’s a mix of comedy and tragedy, with drama and adventure thrown in along the way. The beauty is that everyone’s … Read More

A Thank You Poem

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I actually received this poem many months ago, but have not posted it until now. I just ran across it and was reminded of the generosity of a friend. TRISH by Ellie Miller Greenberg 2/15/14 her  strength is  remarkable   her determination is rare   her  perseverance has no limits   her courage is the stuff of battlefields   she  … Read More

In Memory of My Mother

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mom website

I owe a lot to my Mom. So often people have complimented me on my strength, courage and perseverance following my accident and injury and though I owe my healing to more people than I can name, there is one person who was not only by my side for the whole time, but who modeled for me resiliency through all … Read More

Seeing Things Differently

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Trish in Wisco

Last week I traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to participate in my first race in three years. I have had quite a lull in my competition due to injury/health issues and as an athlete there was nothing more I wanted to do than to get back out on the field of competition. But it wasn’t easy. I decided to enter the … Read More

Guest Blog—Yellow Bicycles

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Dear Redefining Able Readers: Today I post my first guest blog. I first read this on Amy’s site and thought it was definitely something I had to share! I truly believe in this message, that what we look for, we find. So I hope as you read this you will begin to think about what you are looking for and … Read More

Reinventing Yourself One Brush Stroke at a Time

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Like everyone else, the New Year brings to mind thoughts of change, starting over, or working harder to become better. Though change for the better can happen any time of the year, there is something symbolic and, in our minds, magical about January 1st. It is like a fresh canvas has been presented to us and we have the chance … Read More

2013 Camp Discovery

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When I look back on the defining moments of my 2013 year, one of the first things that comes to mind is Camp Discovery. When I created this event five years ago, I had no idea what it would turn out to be, if it would succeed and certainly if it would live to see another year. But, now that … Read More

Welcome to trishdowning.com and Redefining Able

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I used to think of life as one long road to be lived from one end to another. But now I see it more like a book, with a beginning, an end and a series of chapters unfolding throughout; each chapter bringing about a rebirth—something new and often unexpected. Inside awaits an adventure, drama, mystery and oftentimes a combination of … Read More

Paralympic Leadership Conference

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I have to admit I’ve been a little grumpy lately. My combination hip and back injury has conspired to ruin my season of competition. And for a gal who thrives on racing, this is not good news. It has had me feeling sorry for myself and wondering what’s it all for? But wonder no more, I realized today. As a … Read More