Praise for Cycle of Hope: A Journey from Paralysis to Possibility

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Dear Trish:

I recently bought your book and read it straight through—incredible is too mild a word to describe it.

Even knowing a little about you and what happened before I read it, I broke down and wept and continued weeping throughout the book……..some tears of pain, others of joy.

My words could never convey the deepness and darkness of those moments for you. The clarity of the physical and heart wrenching emotional experiences, from page one to the end,  had me  there with you.  I cheered you, I urged you on, I hugged you in my heart.

In my own way I suffered with you.I felt the love of your amazing family and friends.
It was heartbreaking and heartwarming…… made me angry and sad, ……….it left me feeling astonished and applauding your strength, tenacity and grace.

But most of all, it gave me my own “cycle of hope”. Thank you. I hope our paths cross again.


Lewie Levy

Santa Barbara, Calif.

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