2011 Dodge Camp Discovery

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Have you ever surprised yourself by doing something you never thought you could? Day one at the third annual Dodge Camp Discovery was like that for many of the women as they ascended a climbing wall using only upper body strength and then careening down the zip line, which for the participants was somewhere between exhilaration and a white knuckled … Read More

Win Some, Lose Some

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What an experience this has been! Today capped my World Championships journey and although I did not end in the fashion I had hoped, I can’t walk away (or even roll away) with my head down. Needless to say, my race did not turn out the way I had hoped. What seemed like a doable task (finishing 8th place or … Read More

Racing News from Slovenia

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Worlds Racing Update There are so many things to write about my week in Slovenia, but we’ll see how long I can stay awake to report them. Needless to say, I have learned that rowing really takes it out of you. This week has been full of long days, time spent in the hot sun, frustrations getting my boat set … Read More

Rowing Worlds…the Races Begin!

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This week has been a whole new experience for me with a lot to take in! Being at a rowing event seems to remind me of all that I have experienced through my last 15 years of racing. It seems to be like road and track cycling with a little bit of triathlon thrown in, all at the same time. … Read More

World Rowing Championships, Part I

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What started in Oklahoma City (training), took me to Princeton, New Jersey (National team/Worlds Trials), has now brought me to Bled, Slovenia. When I first learned that I had qualified for the World Championships at the Trials in New Jersey, I was asked to sign an “intent to compete” form which basically was my indication to US Rowing that I … Read More

Head to Bled!

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My time here in Princeton, New Jersey has come to an end. I have been here since last Wednesday in order to train and prepare my boat for the World Championship Trials, which took place today at Mercer Lake. I feel very fortunate to be having the opportunity that has been presented to me since I was invited earlier this … Read More

Row, row, row your boat!

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What started out as injury rehab has turned into so much more! Last October, when I pulled into transition at the Hawaii Ironman after riding 112 on my handcycle, my shoulder was on fire. No telling how many rotations it had made over the previous nine and a half hours, but suffice it to say, it was a lot and … Read More

2011 Camp Discovery Fundraiser

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On Thursday, July 28th, I will be hosting a fundraiser for my 2011 Camp Discovery program. This camp is a two-and-a-half day event for women, who are wheelchair users, to learn fitness activities, gain support from others and enjoy a little pampering. This is the third year of the camp which has received rave reviews from the participants. This year … Read More

Ironman 2010-Saturday

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Coming to Hawaii was never part of my plan. Coming back this season after two years of rest and trying to heal my body, my goal was to keep things simple and manageable. I’d do shorter races and spend more time trying to build my speaking business, write my book, spend time with my husband, etc., etc. But, alas, I … Read More