How to Adapt to Change

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Trish in Wisco

In today’s world it’s more important than ever to be able to adapt to change. It’s all around us everyday through new technologies, business strategies and in our personal lives. To be successful, to be a leader or to do pretty much anything these days, requires the ability to adapt to your surroundings, not fearing change, but welcoming it with … Read More

Seeing Things Differently

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Trish in Wisco

Last week I traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to participate in my first race in three years. I have had quite a lull in my competition due to injury/health issues and as an athlete there was nothing more I wanted to do than to get back out on the field of competition. But it wasn’t easy. I decided to enter the … Read More

2011 Camp Discovery Fundraiser

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On Thursday, July 28th, I will be hosting a fundraiser for my 2011 Camp Discovery program. This camp is a two-and-a-half day event for women, who are wheelchair users, to learn fitness activities, gain support from others and enjoy a little pampering. This is the third year of the camp which has received rave reviews from the participants. This year … Read More

“I Could Never…”

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The other day I shared my motivational speaking program, Reaching Your Finish Lines, with a group in Denver. In my hour keynote, I share with the audience my life as an athlete, subsequent accident, recovery and return to sports as a wheelchair athlete, competing in national and international competitions and completing two Iron distance triathlons. After my speech a woman … Read More

I am Craig

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The other day someone asked me how I got through the initial weeks and months following my accident. “How did you deal with such a major change in life, knowing that things would never be the same again?” she asked. First and foremost, of course, I named my huge number of supporters who showed up at the hospital from the … Read More

2010 Camp Discovery

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I am excited to announce today that Camp Discovery is back! This program, which I began last year with the help of a generous grant from AVON, is really a dream for me. When I sustained a spinal cord injury (SCI) in 2000 and was at Craig Hospital doing my rehabilitation, I realized I was only one of two women … Read More

2009 Camp Discovery

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Some of the greatest accomplishments come out of the craziest of whims. At least that’s how it seems to work for me. I have a flash of inspiration-a plan, a destination, a goal-and then I get it stuck in my mind that I can accomplish it. Figuring out the actual logistics…that always happens way down the road after I’ve committed. … Read More

My Weekend at Camp Discovery, by Amber Gersch

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This is a great article written by Amber Gersch, a camper at the 2009 Camp Discovery: I went to Camp Discovery on October 1-4,2009, founded by Tricia Downing. She is a woman who had an accident ning years ago, has completed marathons and has a  definite drive to help other women with spinal cord injuries to challenge themselves to be … Read More