Skirt Sports “TESS” Talks—My word: Comparison

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Skirt Sports Run

As an athlete, I grew up embracing competition and training to be better than my competitors. But when that drive to be better than the rest turns into comparison on an everyday basis and in everyday situations, can it become dangerous to our mental and emotional health?

Camp Discovery Flourishes With a New Cycle of Hope

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They traveled across the country, originating from Washington State to Delaware, and locations in between. Their ages spanned as wide, with a forty-year gap between oldest and youngest. All arrived on wheels, a mode of transportation necessary for mobility as each participant experiences what common culture would refer to as a disability—Multiple Sclerosis, Spina Bifida and spinal cord injuries. But … Read More

My Paralympic Journey—Team Processing

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I couldn’t decide if being one of the late adds to the Paralympic Team was a good thing or a bad thing. On the negative side, I didn’t experience the lead up to the Games with the anticipation, planning and fanfare that goes along with this major world production. On the positive side, I didn’t experience the lead up to … Read More

Fast and Furious—My Paralympic Journey (Part 1)

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I knew it was a possibility. Six days before being named to the U.S. Paralympic team, I received an email from National Shooting Team Coach, Bob Foth, that said I was one of four U.S. athletes who had the necessary selection criteria—two Minimum Qualifying Scores (MQS) shot in international competition—to be named to the 2016 Paralympic team, if: The Russians … Read More

My Paralympic Journey—It Isn’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

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Blog day 1

Day One—Tuesday, August 23, 2016 In 2006, I made my first attempt to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman. The qualifier race was at the Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon in Lubbock, Texas. I believe that race is one of the hardest half Ironman races around and I had an amazingly tough race, in which I attempted several times to give up. … Read More

The Cycle of Hope

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Handcycling 10

When I sustained a spinal cord injury in 2000, I spent just over three months in a rehabilitation hospital. During the time I was there, I made friends with the other inpatients as we were all going through a difficult time together. While there, we learned a whole list of lessons, including how to transfer in and out of our … Read More

Are You a Victim of Comparison?

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River Bank Run Photo

Do you ever feel paralyzed by the fear of not being able to live up to the expectations or accomplishments of those around you? Have you tried to reach a goal but shied away from it because you thought you’d never be able to do it as well as someone else? Do you continually use others as your barometer for … Read More

The Power of Forgiveness

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Trish at rowing trials

Two weeks ago, I gave a presentation that didn’t live up to my expectations. Fortunately for me, the audience didn’t know I had written a new section into my speech that I thought was brilliant and made my point perfectly, but didn’t quite get across in my speech with the proper wording and emphasis that I had practiced. When I … Read More

The Key to Achieving Your Goals

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Black and white race chair

Recently, I shared my motivational speaking program, Discover Your Inner Champion, with a group in Columbus, Ohio. In my hour keynote, I share with the audience my life as an athlete, subsequent paralyzing accident, recovery and return to sports as a wheelchair athlete, competing in national and international competitions and completing two Iron distance triathlons. After my speech a woman … Read More

“Are We There Yet?”

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As a child I remember sitting stuffed in the back seat of my mother’s brown station wagon, driving the interminable twelve-hour stretch from our home in Denver, Colo., to the tiny farm town of Orrick, Mo., where my brothers and I, the “city slickers” would spend two weeks of our summer vacation at the farm with our relatives. It was … Read More