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I used to think of life as one long road to be lived from one end to another. But now I see it more like a book, with a beginning, an end and a series of chapters unfolding throughout; each chapter bringing about a rebirth—something new and often unexpected. Inside awaits an adventure, drama, mystery and oftentimes a combination of all those and more. And for better or worse, when a new chapter opens it means another one has ended. The differences in chapters though, is that some are welcome beginnings and journeys and some have been entered into reluctantly or without our desire or permission. Thus we find a range of emotions in how we perceive our new chapters. Change might be a welcome sigh of relief or it might be the most frightening thing we’ve experienced. Either way, with new chapters comes some degree of reinvention that must occur.

Reinvention is the process of creation, discovery or development of all or parts of your life. Say you quit your job or you were fired, it might be finding new talents and taking your career in a new direction; or you become divorced or end a relationship; you might have to figure out all over again who you are without your partner. Maybe you are dissatisfied at who or what you have become and you find that you want to clear the slate and rebuild yourself completely from scratch. Whatever the case may be, to reinvent is to find new parts of yourself—changing, growing and becoming.

While in some situations these changes are exciting and welcome, other times the realization and process are daunting—perhaps even mentally and emotionally paralyzing. Knowing where and how to begin, and finding the support you need, can be overwhelming.

This website is a result of my personal journey through change, redefining myself and reinventing my life. After being struck by a car and paralyzed from the chest down in September of 2000, I learned a lot about struggle, but I also learned there is another side if you choose for there to be.

This blog is share my experiences and the things I found that worked for me, in hopes that as you begin your journey, I can help to make your trials easier and give you optimism that no matter the obstacles you face or your ultimate desires in reinvention, you’re not alone in your battles, challenges and uncertainty, and to give you the hope that if you hold on and keep pushing forward, you might find yourself in the remarkable place of growth, finding that you have emerged a better person for having endured the expedition.
Wishing you strength, courage and a very bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Tricia Downing

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